Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Future of Am Yisrael

When I find myself thinking about Israeli politics I typically think of myself as extremely ignorant.  I'm not trying to imply that I'm any sort of an expert on American politics either, but I do understand the basic workings of the government.  Up until a handful of years ago I didn't even think of Israel as a place I would ever want to go, let alone live in... let alone try to understand the politics of.  My my, how things change.

With an election just around the corner I was delighted to hear about a politician, and future Knesset member, coming to Tekoa to speak.  On a very stormy and cold night here in Tekoa, unfortunately not many people came out to hear him speak.  I, on the other hand, was extremely glad that I did.  Jeremy Gimpel came to speak to us about the Bayit Yehudi party, who they are, where they stand, and their views on what's in store for the future of Israel.  What I learned is that I wish more political parties had such values, integrity, spirit, passion, and inclusiveness.  This IS the future of Israel.

The Bayit Yehudi are proud Jewish Zionists who are looking to represent and include ALL of Am Yisrael.  Their party includes; Sephardi Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, secular Jews, and religious Jews.  They represent Kibbutznic Jews, Hevron and Judea/Sameria Jews, Beer Sheva Jews, Tel Aviv Jews, Israeli Sabres, English speakers, French speakers, women, men.  They're the most former kravi-combat unit political party.  They're young, quality and values based, and are representing every facet of Israeli life today.

So for all of you undecided and eligible voters, here is my push... vote Bayit Yehudi.

Arutz Sheva interview with Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett

They're looking to make a more "Jewish Israel."  This isn't about making anyone more religious.  It's about having an identity.  Knowing who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.  Having national pride and coming together under the amazing idea that we are a Jewish people living in the historical land of Israel.

They're working towards a resurgence of the Zionistic spirit.  With respect for ourselves, the world will then in turn respect us.  We have a right to be a free people in our own land!

The current system is self destructive.  We're all siblings... family... one body.  When rockets are falling on the south, residents in the north should be up at arms.  We need to have a sense of social solidarity and caring for each other.  We have to work together to establish a better future for our country.  From secular to ultra-orthodox, we have to speak well of each other and support each other.

The Bayit Yehudi party is the only party that is 100% against a Palestinian state.  There is no one to talk to on the other side, as we have seen for decades, and the peace process is not going anywhere.  Our primary focus should be internal.  

With regards to areas A, B, and C and the divisions of Judea and Sameria, aka the "West Bank"; the immediate annexation of Area C, which is where I currently live, 400,000 Jews would be included in the overall undisputed land of Israel.  The 48,000 Arab residents of Area C would also be offered Israeli citizenship, but would most likely decline just like the Arabs of East Jerusalem did.  They could still live in their homes and villages, but without citizenship they would obtain the equivalent of a green card and not be allowed to have any expression of national rites.

Areas A and B are populated only by Arabs and would stay the same as it is right now.  In 1988, Arabs in A and B had Jordanian citizenship.  Currently 80% of Jordanian residents including their Queen are Palestinians.  The land of Jordan was the original designation of the land of (what was later called) Palestine.  Both the Jordanian and Palestinian flags are the same.  The Arabs in Areas A and B should have Jordanian citizenship and be able to express their national rites there.  They're welcome to take up green card residence in Israel and hold citizenship elsewhere.

There is no way that we should allow the Palestinian Authority (PA) to become their own county.  Allowing this to happen would allow millions of claimed Palestinian descendants to move to Areas A and B.  The establishment of a country could mean an armed PA which is a major threat to the safety and security of Israel.

As we look towards the election in just a few weeks time we should be thinking about the future of Israel.  What do we want to see for ourselves, our children, and our children's children?  We want to know, feel, and understand the beauty and importance of being Jews living in Israel.  We want to love and respect ALL Jews from one side of the spectrum to the other and everything in between.  We have to fight for ourselves and fight for each other.  We have to be passionate about Israel and willing to do whatever it takes to make ourselves free in our own land.  Free to build without international scrutiny.  Free to defend ourselves without holding back.  Free to be Jewish in the one and only tiny sliver of land that has been ours for thousands of years.  From Avraham Avinu to modern day Israel, we need to fight for who we are and be proud of our uniqueness and our role in being a light to the nations of the world.  Tikun Olam.

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